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    The Most Useful Apps Whilst Travelling for Work


    Theres nothing like finding a good App that works and suits your needs. Over the past few years I’ve travelled around the country for work and have become reliant on a few apps that have saved me from running late to feeding me on a number of occasions. Here’s the ones that I find the most useful.

    National Rail

    I’m forever indebted to the National Rail app because let’s face it trains are delayed about 90% of the time. I’m always travelling up down the country or simply into London and this has helped me avoid the stampede of people as I the app also tells you what platform your train will be on, which also saves plenty of time when at a new train station. It helps to not look like a lost tourist sometimes.


    I know most people rely on Google Maps to get them around new cities but I find Citymapper most useful when you’re trying to navigate yourself around a new city. Its user friendly and gives you various different travel routes that include walking, mixed transport, rain safe, taxi ( with a rough price estimated from uber) and JETPACK. My favourite feature of this is that you can save directions for offline use. This came in handy on my recent trip to Lisbon, I was able to look up all directions at my hotel and save them for offline use.


    Tripit and I have a love/hate relationship. I’m yet to decide if its one i’ll be using all the time but i have friends who swear by it. It essentially groups all your travel plans directly from your email and creates a date/time based itinerary. Train/Plane journeys, hotel reservations and directions which are available offline.

    Hotel Apps

    This one is my personal favourite as I hate carrying around any kind of loyalty cards… So having a digital copy on my phone that i can easily access from my Iphone’s passbook is brilliant.


    Whilst thinking of what to include on this list, this seemed like a no briner. Call a taxi when you’re about to finish a meeting and don’t have to carry cash around! I for one am terrible at trying to remember cash for taxis. You can also send travel locations to friends and family. Safety whilst travelling alone is extremely important so i ensure to never get into a taxi that i’ve not pre-booked or a licensed black cab.

    Google Keep

    This isn’t the only app out there to keep your notes together but it is my personal favourite. the layout looks like colourful sticky notes and it reminds me of how my desk at home looks. You can make lists, save images, write lists and archive old notes. Its also accessible from all platforms ( phone/tablet/laptop)


    This is a new discovery and I’m in love with it. I spend most of my evenings in a hotel room and as much as I love going out for a meal there are some days where i just want to stay in bed and eat good food. Although there is the option of room service, this gets boring very very quickly and i’m not going to turn down the option of having Wagamama’s in bed.


    My Fitness Pal is pretty much what its name suggests; it is like having a fitness buddy in your pocket. It helps track the amount of calories you are consuming as well as burning. When you eat out 5/7 days, you begin to indulge a little too much and I find this helps me keep an eye on what goes in. Honestly, when you note down everything you’re eating you will notice your habits change ever so slightly and for the better. They also have a great blog full of healthy recipes and fitness ideas.

    Podcast app

    I love a good story! Podcasts are great to catch up on your favourite topics, radio programmes, documentaries and much more. My current favourites are Serial by This American Life and The Myths and Legends Podcast by Jason Weiser. Theres also a brilliant series called Potter and Daughter by Joel Watson. Its basically as the name suggests, Joel (the dad) and Lily (the daughter) read the Harry Potter series together and document Lily’s journey through it. They discuss the themes, ideas and intricacies of the books. Listening to this reminded me of my first time reading the books and discovering the world for myself.


    Whilst on the move i don’t always get time to finish reading an article before I arrive at my destination. This is where Pocket comes it, it allows me to save the articles/blogs I want to read for a later time. It also saves them for offline use, which works brilliantly whilst on the tube where wifi/phone signal are like gold dust.


    This goes without saying, nights in with Netflix and room service. My current fav’s are Making a Murderer, Reign, Once Upon a Time as well as the countless movies on there.

    All the above apps are free, unless there is subscription fee. Are there any apps that you find useful? I would love to try them so let me know.

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